Feeling a little disjointed? 

I'm Stacey, I'm here to help you get on track, no strings attached. 

I just wanted to ask a few questions 
first to see what you need help with, then you'll be taken to my scheduler where you'll book in to chat to me. Easy.
Let's go
The fastest way to get there is to find someone who’s been there, and who can help you to do the same. That’s where I come in.  

I can help you shape your ideas, shift your mindset, strategise, implement, create and map out a buisness that’s everything you believe in and that’s profitable too.

Your name?

Do you currently have your own business?

If you're already in business tell me what's your business called? If it's a new project, does it have a name yet?

Tell me, what is your business/project about?

If you don't know yet you can skip. If you have some ideas, jot them down.
How do you answer the question, “What do you do?”

Out of 10 thunderbolts, how excited are you to work on this project?

What are you struggling with most right now?

What do you think is keeping you most stuck from moving forward?
Do you have a website I can take a peek at to get more of an idea about what you do?

If you don't have a website either skip this question or paste your Instagram / Facebook link.
Ok {{answer_58821276}} we’re almost there. Anything specific you want to discuss?

If you want to chat to me about something other than what’s in this list, click the “other” button and add in your answer.

Have you worked with a mentor or coach before? On a scale of 1-10, rate how that experience was for you.

1 being the worst experience ever, and 10 being absolutely amazing you want more! Put zero if you've never worked with a mentor or coach before.
How would you be most comfortable talking to me?

If you find video calls draining, we can just do video first time round, and audio after that. Or all audio, or all video, whatever works for you

That's it! Hit the continue below and then submit. Before you do, go here to find a time for your free 20 minute session.


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